I've been in customer service my whole life, (from the bottom up to management) and what this has taught me is to give the customer the service or experience that you would want. Respect, communication and delivery on realistic expectations while driving to exceed them. "Do what you say you're going to do". This is our family and business motto.

For many years I've had the dream of working with my brother, whom I greatly respect and appreciate and owning my own company.

After 15 years in construction, management included, my wife and I adopted, all of a sudden I needed to be more available to my wife since both children had health and developmental needs, too much for one person to handle. Out of a desperate prayer for a way to make money and be more available to my family, God led me into this area of construction and in forming a company.

Working for someone else, you are limited on how you would want to carry out a job, now the buck stops with me and I am free to bring high quality roof replacement along with high standards of service and communication. I am shocked how much I hear about contractors not calling people back and not showing up for appointments.

My crew services Cleveland and I always get great feedback from my clients on their professionalism, hard work and cleanliness. We are here to serve, save people money and deliver a high quality roofing experience.